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Ascension Day Garden Barbecue Party

Thursday 31 May 16.00 hrs

In Pastor´s garden Zehntscheuerstraße 26

Göttingen Grone - Nord

Bus no 31

Bus stop "Sankt-Heinrich-Straße"



Regular Worship Services by Göttingen International Church

Each Sunday

at 17.00 hrs ct
























































































 Reasons why people don´t go to church ...

   ... and a few possible answers


Number 1

"I can´t come to church until I get my life together."

    "Church is how I got my life together."

            A place of new beginnings.


Number 2

"Church is just a bunch of hypocrites."

   -  "And there is always room for one more."

            Imperfect people welcome.


Number 3

"All they care about is your money."

   -  "They care about me, not my money."

            People are priceless.


Number 4

"Is there some kind of dress code?"

   -  "Yes. The code is, wear some clothes."

            Come as you are.


Number 5

"Church ? It just makes me nervous."

   -  "I was nervous at first, and then I felt right at home. "

            Right where God wants you.


Number 6

"I´m not sure I believe everything that you believe."

   -  "But you can still belong."

            Doubts welcome.


Number 7

"If you knew me an what I´ve done, you wouldn´t want me."

   -  "If you knew me and what I´ve done, you wouldn´t be worried."



You can come to our church even if you were brought up Catholic, Baptist, Lutheran, Armenian, Orthodox, Methodist, Jewish, Mormon, Pentecostal, Prespyterian, Church Of Christ, Southern Baptist ...

We have a little bit of everything, and a whole lot of nothing.


See, it´s not about religion, it´s about a relationship.


So please, come to our church

Where nobody is perfect

Where beginners are welcome

Where socks are optional

But where Grace is required

Where forgiveness is offered

Where hope is alive

And where it´s ok, to not be ok.





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